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Coming soon to a town near you.

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Phyllis York

Phyllis York is an author, blogger, and unapologetic fan girl. She lives in the Ozarks, but loves traveling - especially on Route 66. York is a four time winner of NaNoWriMo, and the author of many novels, articles, and Yelp reviews. She is currently querying agents and writing her next novel. When I’m not writing, She works with specially challenged children as a paraprofessional in the local school system.


Joyce Ragland

Joyce Ragland grew up on a post-WWII modernized dairy farm, but could hardly wait to escape. "Get out and make something of yourself," her mother urged. At age seventeen, Ragland fled. Four university degrees, professor gigs in three states and one Canadian province, after thirty-six years, she decided it was time to officially retire and write for fun. After two academic books and various articles, short stories, and poetry published during the academic career, she turned to creative nonfiction and fiction for YA and adult audiences. She now lives in Lebanon, Missouri with two rescue dogs, Bessie Jo and Opie Jo.


Fines Massey

Fines is a comic book writer and editor. C.H.A.R.L.13 is available now and he has more projects in the works.


Steve Wiegenstein

Steve was born and raised in the eastern Missouri Ozarks -- his folks grew up on adjoining farms, and their family roots go deep in Madison, Iron, and Reynolds counties.
He’s an avid canoer, rafter, and kayaker on Missouri's float streams.....a longtime member, friend, and supporter of the Quincy, Illinois, Unitarian Church.....a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.....a hiker (ok, make that walker).....a former president and board member of the Missouri Writers' Guild. I find pennies on the sidewalk more frequently than anyone I know


Laura Valenti

Laura has written for several different Ozark newspapers and magazines, and currently writes regularly for "Laclede County Record."

Copy of

Boat Town Brewing August 2nd


Chelle Renee

Chelle has been writing most of her life. You may have read her articles or short stories in Missouri Life and other magazines and newspapers.

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Steve Whitley

Steve graduated DLI EC German course in Washington DC before working in Germany for two years with the Army Security Agency, and has studied the German language, history, and culture since 1972.