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Hundred Book Summer Synopsis

Beryl Tolliver lives a quiet life in a little Amish community with her parents. She moves to a nearby town to care for her young cousin for the Summer. Beryl is thrilled that the public library is only a short walk away.  She reads every book she can, knowing it may be her last chance. Marcus works at the library, and he’s more than happy to help Beryl with her mission. Together they make a plan to fill her Summer with every possible book a person should read. He is cute, kind, and funny, but unfortunately his sister hates Beryl as soon as she meets her. With her aunt working double shifts it isn’t leaving Beryl much time for reading, or socializing. When things start going wrong will her parents make her leave before she can complete her reading challenge, and before she can know more about Marcus?


Inspiration Art!!!

Setting the bar for awkward...