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Fighting the urge...


One of the hardest things I've discovered about #Nanowrimo is not editing as I go.

Normally I: ♢Write longhand ♧Transfer my work via Text-to-Speech to Google Docs ♡Edit the errors that occur in the transfer ♤Tweak the big picture revision items ♢Move the Doc into place on Scrivener ♧Check the plot arcs for consistency ♡Start the next section ♧Repeat

During #Nanowrimo I: ☆Write longhand or type or get thetext on the site any other way possible ☆Don't look back ☆DON'T LOOK BACK I SAID!!!

It is hard being a perfectionist that doesn't judge and cull her words as she goes. I'm looking forward to taking a fine tooth comb to Hundred Book Summer once she exists as a book in entirety.

And so it goes...

NanoWriMo Day 4