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Moving to Stonehenge

On October 24th Ken and I purchased a 1976 Tropicana Trophy camping trailer to live in until we get our own home. It was in pretty rough shape when we got it, and needed to be moved 40 miles. It took us until the 7th of November to get the purchasing and moving process complete. 11163953_10153716432422743_2846680185368979893_n

Ken and I have been refabbing it with the help of my son, William, and brother, Joe. There was a lot of work to do, because it needed to be sealed, have walls repaired, some windows replaced, and to be cleaned within an inch of MY life.





We spent last night in our tiny home, now lovingly named Stonehenge, and it was completely comfy. It will take a lot more work to make it as nice as we want, but I cannot wait to spend my life with my love getting the job done.





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