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Plotting Along

Last night Ken York, my fiancé, and I sat down to get some things organized for an upcoming book we are writing together. We ran some new characters, plot points, and exposition possibilities. It was wonderful.

I have never written with a partner before, and it's fun. I'm a control freak, so I never even had a beta-reader for my first novel. This is so much better than I thought could be possible. Our characters are richer seeing them through the lens of more than one set of eyes.

As soon as we get our computers s et up in our tiny home we'll be able to get this book written; until then I will start the revisions on Hundred Book Summer. The future writing possibilities are endless.

You can check out Ken's blog at Ken-York@blogspot.com. To see pics of our tiny new home check out Loveiswritteninthestars.wordpress.com.

Sick in Love