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Top 10 things I'm doing instead of writing:

  1. Dicking around on the internet.1318594453686_4917040
  2. Watching writing videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRlnfFhlSfSqUyV0OPdGV1xVVuYP_eZTujib
  3. Playing video games. tumblr_nezjwtkFEn1sdo4uwo1_1280.png
  4. Reading and writing blog posts. 11
  5. Planning a wedding/remodeling our glamper. GypsyFarmGirl Fall photo shoot
  6. Binge watching Netflix.maxresdefault.jpg
  7. Filling my Amazon cart with things I'll never buy. images (2)
  8. Getting into heated political updates about Captain America Civil War. download (1)
  9. Planning in detail the vacation I'm never going to take to Cardiff, Wales. straight-outta-cardiff-672x372.jpg
  10. Thinking about the buckets of money I'll have when I finish writing all the books I currently have outlined, sell them, and become a famous writer. article-writing-service-stress


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from PhyllisRogers.net. Now get back to writing.

Santa Claus


Top 10 things I'm doing instead of writing: