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April Goals

April Goals

My goals in April were a little more extensive than my usual monthly writing goals. I'll list them, and then go over how I did.

  • Write 30,000 words

  • Sell 100 copies of Myths, Monsters, and Mary: Mary the Queen

  • Sell 200 copies of Myths, Monsters, and Mary: Turn the Paige

  • Have a kickass book launch

I only wrote 21,541 words this month. There are a lot of excuses I could make; births, deaths, hit and runs, and so on, but the fact is I just didn't do the writing. I'm aiming for 31,000 in May, and sending two books to the editor.

My book launch was amazing. We met, and exceeded, projected sales. Now I just have to keep up momentum. 

I've been using some new products to help with marketing. I'm working on a post that will better explain Ripl, Placeit, and Mail Chimp. If you know of any handy apps for writers, please, let me know.

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