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The first person to die in the gravity spasms was a boy, not yet three years old. He was pulled from his front yard. That was in 2023 in what remained of Ohio. 

Since then hundreds, if you can believe the government, of lives have been lost as they were dragged into the sky. Some are killed when the spasm reverses and slams them back into the ground. Others are never seen again. 

Even at a time like this corporations still leach money out of the masses. Strollers that weigh over seventy pounds, and small animal tethers that prevent your poodle from being sucked into the ether are only a few of the expensive items you can pick up at the neighborhood Walzon.

My sister and I were walking to our Walzon when a spasm hit, and I couldn’t prevent her from being torn away. Ginna was only six, and it destroyed what was left of our mother when she found out. I had promised to protect her while we walked, but it was impossible. My mother, Bella, took her life that day joining our father that died had  when the mines beneath West Virginia began exploding in succession.

People began avoiding me that day. Whether they blamed me for the deaths, or were too afraid of the torture I wore on my face, I’m unsure. I left my home yesterday, and don’t plan to stop walking until nobody recognizes me as, Rayla, the kid who let their sister die.

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