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Zen and the Art of Listening to the Cat

Zen and the Art of Listening to the Cat


It was early when I woke up today. My only company was the blessedly cool breeze and the judgemental cat. We were reading through what I wrote yesterday, and Bucky, the cat, was unimpressed.

Bucky: This is drivel; bubblegum, the worst! 

Me: Really? I didn’t think it was that bad. I wasn’t at my best, because I ws distr...

Bucky: Do you even want to (making air quotes) be a writer? 

Me: I  am a writer.

Bucky: Really? 

Me: Yes! 

Bucky: Really? 

Me: Yes. 

Bucky: (Raises eyebrows) 

Me: I do write quite a bit.  

Bucky: Well, it’s a known fact that you write as you read. 

Me: I read Literature .

Bucky: On purpose? Let me remind you about Harry Potter, Twilight, FSOG... 

Me: I read other books too, and besides those authors are hella rich and successful. 

Bucky: Oh, may I remind you that Stephen King said, if you’re writing to get rich you’ve already failed. 

Me: So, you read Stephen King? 

Bucky: This isn’t about me.(Jumps out of high chair, and goes to sit in the sink)


In this dramatic recreation, the part of my superego was played by the Bucky the cat.

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

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