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The Motherhood Myth

The Motherhood Myth

There has long been this pervasive myth that girls are born knowing how to be mothers. A belief that an intuition is passed mother to daughter through the millennia either via genetics or by some Jungian collective consciousness.

My mother, Betty, never got the knack for child rearing. Her own mother, Zalah, was cold and distant. There was no maternal font available to teach me how to raise my own children.

Thankfully, for myself and my children, we didn’t have to rely on the motherhood myth. We had their Nanny — their paternal grandmother, Freda.

Freda came into my life when I was 15. My life had been a horror story growing up, and she became the mother I had so desperately needed. She taught me everything from how to feed a baby and change a diaper to how to drive a car and pay bills.

Now that I am a grandmother I still look to her example on how to get it right.

So, on this Mother’s Day I am so grateful for Freda. She is the glue that holds our family together.

We love you, Nanny.

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