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10 Reasons to Throw Myself a GROWN UP BOOK FAIR

10 Reasons to Throw Myself a GROWN UP BOOK FAIR

You might be asking yourself:

Why is Phyllis York hosting a Grown Up Book Fair at Boat Town Brewing on August 2nd at 5 in the evening, and what other authors will be there?

Our line up includes a broad range of authors including Joyce Ragland, Michael Freeman, Fines Massey, Laura Valenti, and others that will be announced soon.

There will be books, stickers, pens, bookmarks, DRINKS, and so much more. I hope to see you there!



Meet other authors

giphy (1).gif


Drinks with friends

giphy (3).gif


Querying is sucking my will to live

giphy (4).gif


Stickers, Bookmarks, & Erasers - Oh my!

giphy (2).gif


Sell some books!

giphy (5).gif


Cute Pens!!!


Date night!

giphy (7).gif


Meet other authors

giphy (8).gif


Feed my book addiction!

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It’s my birthday!



Almost Famous

Almost Famous