• Why do you write so much? I didn't know there was another option.

  • Mrs. York, can I go to the restroom? Of course. Everybody can go to the bathroom... except Chad. Chad knows what he did...

  • Which queen is Mary based on? My Mary is based on Mary Stuart, AKA Mary Queen of Scots, the queen of Scotland and France.

  • How many books are in the Myths, Monsters, and Mary series? There are three, Mary the Queen, Turn the Paige, and Noah's Arcana. There are rumors that a fourth book has been discussed, but nothing is for sure yet.

  • What is for dinner? Delivery.

  • Is Mary a... Is Paige a... Is Noah a... It's hard to tell, because ellipses are hard to interpret.

  • What are you doing now? I’m writing another young adult novel, 2Moons 1River, and I’m also querying agents for my new novel, My Mother Road.